Integrated design and development support that increases your product's success.

Phelan Associates don't just design & develop products, we innovate throughout the whole development process to ensure successful commercial solutions.

One stop from idea to market.

The secret of our success is full integration between development stages and keeping our clients fully within the process until completion.

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Phelan Associates at Salon di MobilePhelan Associates at Salon di Mobile

Phelan Associates visited the Salon di Mobile, one of the world's premier design shows. Here's our take on it.

Getting the right balance between aesthetics and engineering: how the designer can optimise the process

Minimising Landfill through dual-use packaging

Although PVC is a secure format for encapsulating retail products, and recyclable, it is so tough that we looked into creating a second use for it post-purchase. See what we did.

Eleksen wearable electronic technologyWearables at the Eleksen conference

Wearables, wearables, wearables: We attend Eleksen Smart Fabric Interfaces conference in Central St. Martins. The technology is mature enough the be rolled out in many applications, and can be backlit also

How do you keep your product line fresh and have 20 show-ready working samples within 6 weeks. Ask NDS, Sky's codec division.