Aesthetics and Engineering: getting a balance.

A major challenge for any designer is to hold the design's elegance in the face of seemingly insurmountable engineering challenges.

The only way to work around this issue is through compromise and extremely good communications channels with the engineering department.

A good case in point for us and co-designers Tangerine was the LG facsimile: some elements were changed to meet moulding and assembly challenges, but

all were done subtly to ensure overall cohesion.

One detail that seemed difficult to overcome was the moulding that constitutes the top and control panel. Hingeing this to access the thermal paper took a day of a designer and engineer sitting down side-by-side and lots of sketching.

The result garnered a prestigious IF Award under the Albrecht OEM brand.

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Philips Nebula Project

Aesthetics and functionality: holding a designs' integrity in the face of difficult engineering challenges.