Eleksen wears its heart on its sleeve.

Eleksen made an interesting presentation late last year at St. Martins School of Art, showcasing the latest progress in wearable interfaces.

The key technology is multi-layered fabrics with variable electroconductive characteristics.

Now there is a capability for all-weather outdoor wear with audio controllers on sleeves and even the capability of having backlit controls for low light conditions.

Phelan Associates foresees a huge expanse in applications for this type of technology in the near future, especially in bespoke clothing for specialist applications, such as machine control or security applications.

We are actively pursuing a number of projects where hands-free interfaces are required and will keep you posted.

If you care to have an evaluation of the feasibility of this technology for your application, why not contact us?

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NDS pvr digibox was designed and delivered within four weeks.

NDS' pvr digibox was designed and delivered within four weeks.