Interaction Research.

Phelan Associates undertakes research, both inhouse and client driven, in the field of interaction design and related services.

Once case in point is our look at the Global Warming issue and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (image, left). Another is consultancy based, for example the work we did with Philips Interactive Media Group.

Some of this research feeds into installations and websites relating to the field.

We can evaluate a technology or interaction method and even create intellectual property for our clients if the field relates to usability or interaction in relation to a design critical area.

Our example on the right shows patented Philips technology for which Phelan Associates helped investigate.

Feel free to contact us for a research proposal for your area of interest. We have a large body of experience to draw on.

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Philips Nebula Project

Philips Nebula Project, for which Phelan Associates helped generate intellectual property. © Philips 2001