Packaging and Branding.

Phelan Associates have many structural packaging projects on our books. We have worked on multi-folded blisterpacks and structural retail cases, both from Europe and Asia.

From an environmental standpoint, we advise our clients on how to achieve the highest visual impact with the lowest environmental one.

Tamper-proofing and food container technology is more specialised and here too we have many examples to show.

Our branding projects complement and reinforce the product and packaging design work we do, and this can be closely integrated with our product design.

The Zapperclick project for Ecobrands is a good example of this, as is our Calista Fertility Tester for the same company.

A remote trainer handset for PAC, Europe's leading animal training company.

Zapperclick is a histamine (and therefore itch)-reducing afterbite device for Ecobrands for the international travel market.© Ecobrands 2007