Case Study:Ecobrands Zapperclick.

Ecobrands wanted an integrated design, identity and packaging solution for a bite-relief product that was to be produced in hundreds of thousands of units.

Conscious that excess of material and complexity that can increase costs on a project where the unit cost is very low, we set out to design a functional form.

Since the product could be a promotional item, we gave

it several flat surfaces for logo or tampo printing .

The eventual design was optimised for both assembly and packaging with a wrist lanyard to increase value at point of purchase .

Ecobrands have subsequently commissioned Phelan Associates to design more products in this expanding range .

Zapperclick is availabe in most High St. chemists.

Download the Phelan Associates brochure (PDF 245K)

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NDS project from concept presentation to engineering data to rapid prototype mouldings

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